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  • Who are LION CARAVANS?
    LION CARAVANS is a brand established by Red Lion Caravan Centre in 2022, encompassing a range of unique & niche leisure vehicles. Red Lion Caravan Centre has been trading for 60 years and is one of the most highly regarded caravan dealerships in the UK. More info here.
  • Who are Go Promotions Ltd?
    Go Promotions Ltd are a marketing solutions agency based in Bedfordshire, UK. We take care of the sales & marketing efforts (the front-end) on behalf of Red Lion Caravan Centre, including website management, social media and representation at trade shows.
  • Can I tow a CUB teardrop?
    Whether you can tow a CUB teardrop is dependent on your tow vehicle. You'll need to find the 'Braked Towing Allowance' figure in your V5C document, usually located around two thirds of the way down the first inside page. If your Braked Towing Allowance figure is or exceeds 750kg, your vehicle can legally tow the CUB. WEIGHTS MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass) - 750kg MiRO (Mass in Running Order) - 640kg Payload (MTPLM minus MiRO) - 110kg (this is the available payload for your personal effects) TOWING EQUIPMENT If you don't have one already, you'll need to arrange for a tow bar to be fitted to your car. A 50mm tow ball is standard in the UK and required to hitch to a CUB. You'll also need to ensure that you have 13-pin tow electrics installed, in order to operate the driving lights of the CUB & charge the CUB's leisure battery via your vehicle's alternator. If you opt to have 7-pin tow electrics, this will only power the driving lights in transit. For most vehicles, there are many aftermarket tow bars available, so you should shop around to get the best possible price. When it comes to installation, we recommend our customers seek quotes from both physical garages and mobile fitters, as sometimes mobile fitters charge considerably less - they have less overheads to cover. They'll often fit the tow bar to your vehicle on your driveway too, which is nice & convenient. As with everything, check reviews and feedback from previous customers. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Towing anything, be it a caravan, camper or trailer, puts additional strain on the components of the tow vehicle. It's important to understand that the Braked Towing Allowance figure is set by the manufacturer of the tow vehicle, and is the maximum weight that can be safely towed. It's always advisable to tow below your Braked Towing Allowance limit to reduce strain on your vehicles components, which will in turn lessen fuel consumption. This isn't always possible, and if you have a small engined car with a 750kg Braked Towing Allowance, you won't run into any immediate problems, but should take care when towing to avoid unnecessary strain on your vehicle (i.e. avoid roads on a sharp incline/decline). Various organisations, including the CAMC, RAC, AA and more offer towing courses to familiarise yourself with hitching, unhitching and other towing must-knows/techniques.
  • What price is the CUB teardrop?
    The CUB is £15,995 including VAT. Please check the CUB page for full specs and technical info.
  • Where can I buy a CUB teardrop?
    We are the sole UK importers and distributors of the CUB teardrop, and all orders should be placed via Your order will be with Red Lion Caravan Centre Ltd, winner of the Caravan Magazine's Caravan Dealership of the Year award 2023.
  • How soon can I collect a CUB teardrop?
    We usually have good stock of CUB teardrops ready for purchase, but please contact us first to confirm.
  • What price is the SABRE?
    There are 2 versions of the SABRE demountable available; the SABRE & SABRE LUX. The SABRE is £24,995 including VAT. The SABRE LUX is £26,995 including VAT. Please click here for the latest specs & info.
  • Where can I buy a SABRE demountable?
    The SABRE demountable camper is exclusive to us at LION CARAVANS. We are the sole UK importer and distributor. Orders should be placed via
  • What is the difference between the SABRE & SABRE LUX?
    There are 2 versions of the SABRE, with slightly different intended uses. The SABRE is the standard, 2 berth version suited primarily to single travellers and couples. It has all of the facilities you'd expect to find in a touring caravan - kitchen with sink & hob, fixed bed, seating area, refrigerator, heating, hot water and a toilet/wetroom. The SABRE LUX is a slightly different specification, and suited more to families with younger children. It has the addition of a Brother's Camp Roof Tent which adds an extra 2-3 berths, the perfect size for children. However, in gaining the roof tent you lose the toilet/wetroom, as the roof tent access hatch occupies part of the space where the wetroom usually resides. You do also gain a Linetech 600w inverter, making it possible to use the 230v sockets & refrigerator without access to mains hookup.
  • How soon can I collect a SABRE demountable?
    We usually have good stock of the SABRE demountable (both the SABRE & SABRE LUX) but please contact us to confirm.
  • Is the SABRE compatible with my pickup?
    The SABRE is compatible with all modern double cabin pickup trucks. You'll need to check/measure the bed of your pickup, as well as the top of the cabin to ensure that the SABRE will fit. Please also check your pickups payload, which is usually found in the vehicles manual, and sometimes stamped on a metal plate located somewhere on the vehicle itself.
  • Will my truck require additional suspension?
    No - and this is a major benefit that the SABRE offers versus other demountable campers. With a one-piece GRP fibreglass shell (rather than separate panels, as used in the construction of most other demountable campers) the SABRE weighs in at just 490kg. Most modern pickup trucks have a payload of 1,000kg or more, so hauling the SABRE will be a breeze. Heavier demountable models (often weighing a ton or more - literally) can require the installation of additional airbag suspension, which could cost thousands of pounds!
  • Is the SABRE suitable for off-road?
    It is indeed - and this is a key aspect of the SABRE. It has been designed with even weight distribution so as to not affect stability when off-road, and the GRP fibreglass shell makes it a much more lightweight alternative to traditional demountables. Add in the aerodynamic design, built to reduce wind resistance, and the SABRE is clearly the number one demountable camper for off-roading and reaching those remote locations that other campers couldn't dream of.
  • How do I order from LION CARAVANS?
    To place an order, visit the shop page for the SABRE or CUB. Select all relevant options from the drop-down boxes, and click 'Add to cart'. You'll then be redirected to the cart page. Select your payment option (select 'checkout' for offline payments - i.e. payment via BACS or card payment via telephone) and you will then be taken to the checkout page. IMPORTANT: A £2,000 deposit is required to secure your order, and will be taken via your selected payment method upon checkout. The remaining balance is due for payment (preferably by BACS) on the day of collection, or 10 working days before the vehicle is due to leave our premises, if home delivery has been arranged. 1. YOUR DETAILS Fill in your details in the first section. The address field will autocomplete once the first line is added, but if your address is not shown (usually only affects new build houses) continue to complete the rest of your address. Click 'Next' when done to be taken to the next stage of the checkout process. 2. DELIVERY/COLLECTION Select your delivery/collection option, and click 'Next'. If you select 'DELIVERY', a quotation will be prepared for you upon completing the checkout process. 3. PAYMENT OPTIONS There are 3 payment options available; Credit/Debit cards, PayPal or Manual Payment. We also support checkout via Apple Pay. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD Enter your card details (and billing address, if different to the delivery address you entered in Step 1) and click 'Continue'. PAYPAL If you select PayPal as an option, click 'Continue' and you will be taken to Step 4, REVIEW ORDER. Click 'Continue' again to be redirected to the PayPal login page. Simply login to your PayPal account, approve the payment and you will be redirected back to LION CARAVANS. You'll receive both a PayPal payment confirmation email and an order confirmation from our website. MANUAL PAYMENT This option will force the order through manually, without taking payment. Use this option if you intend to pay by BACS or credit/debit card over the telephone. If selected, please contact us on 01704 889 973 to arrange payment. 4. REVIEW ORDER Please carefully review the details of your order before clicking 'Place order'. Once your order has been placed, you'll receive an automatic confirmation email from our website. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss collection/delivery dates and payment of the remaining balance.
  • What should I bring with me when collecting?
    CUB Teardrop Please ensure that your vehicle is suitable and road-legal to tow the CUB teardrop. Ensuring correct towing compliance is your responsibility. You should bring; License plate to affix to the CUB. Most local motor factors offer a license plate printing service, but you will need your driving license and V5C document to prove ownership of the vehicle. Method of payment - BACS is preferable, but we also accept credit/debit card. If paying by BACS, you'll need a mobile phone with internet banking app installed, or a laptop computer. Please ensure that there are no payment limits on your account - check with your bank prior to collection. SABRE Demountable camper Please ensure that your pickup has a suitable payload to carry the SABRE demountable camper. Payload can be found by subtracting the Unladen Weight of your pickup from the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) specified by the manufacturer. Unladen Weight & GVW can be found in your pickup's manual, and is sometimes stamped onto a plate located on the vehicle itself. The SABRE demountable is compatible with modern double cabin pickup trucks. Please carefully measure your truck bed & cabin to ensure there is adequate space for the SABRE. We recommend collecting the SABRE in person, so that our team can demonstrate the mounting/demounting process and ensure you are comfortable before departing.
  • Can you deliver to my home?
    We do offer delivery, though we recommend collection so that our team can provide a detailed handover presentation in person. Delivery is based on the shortest route according to Google Maps, from our Head Office postcode PR8 5LF to your home. Delivery is usually charged at £2/mile (one way) but may be reduced at our discretion. Please contact us for a quotation.
  • What is MTPLM?
    MTPLM stands for Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. This is the total weight (set by the manufacturer) that a caravan/trailer cannot exceed when fully laden. The MTPLM is sometimes referred to as the MAM, or Maximum Authorised Mass.
  • What is MiRO?
    MiRO stands for Mass in Running Order. It's sometimes referred to as the 'factory weight' of a caravan or trailer. This is the unladen weight of a caravan/trailer without any personal effects, additional equipment or people inside.
  • What does payload mean?
    The payload of a caravan/trailer is quite simply the available weight for personal effects and supplies. You can find the payload of a caravan or trailer by subtracting the MiRO (Mass in Running Order) from the MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass).
  • What does 'Unladen Weight' mean?
    The Unladen Weight of a vehicle is the total weight of a vehicle (usually pickup or van) without any load, including personal effects, occupants and even fuel. It's essentially the pickup/van equivalent of MiRO for caravans.
  • What is GVW?
    GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight, sometimes referred to as Permissible Maximum Weight) is the maximum permitted total weight of a pickup truck or van, when fully laden. You can find your pickup trucks payload by subtracting the Unladen Weight from the GVW.
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