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Who/what are LION CARAVANS?

An image showing the front of Red Lion Caravan Centre in Southport, Lancashire.
Red Lion Caravan Centre, Southport

Newly established in 2022 by Red Lion Caravan Centre - the North West of England's foremost caravan dealership and recent recipient of the Caravan Magazine's 'Caravan Dealer of the Year' award by public vote, the LION CARAVANS brand encompasses a range of unique and exclusive leisure vehicles.

Group photo of the Red Lion Caravan Centre team receiving 'Caravan Dealer of the Year 2023' award at the Birmingham NEC, in October 2022.
The Red Lion team receive 'Caravan Dealer of the Year 2023' award at the NEC, October 2022.

Red Lion is the home of the Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravan, the UK's number one selling 2 berth caravan, which has grown in strength year on year since its rebranding in 2015.

The Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravan towed by Paddy McGuiness in an electric Mercedes SUV, for an episode of BBC Top Gear in November 2021.
Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans were featured on an episode of BBC Top Gear in November 2021.


What leisure vehicles are in the LION CARAVANS range?

LION CARAVANS flagship debutant models are the CUB teardrop caravan, a modern teardrop with contemporary design and packed with features, and the SABRE demountable pickup camper - a revolutionary, robust demountable camper that is sure to send shockwaves through the industry.

Both the CUB teardrop and SABRE demountable are exclusive to LION CARAVANS in the UK.

Why not sell the CUB & SABRE under the Red Lion banner?

We're big believers in brand identity and recognise that the CUB and SABRE are markedly different to the leisure vehicles that we already sell under the Red Lion banner.

Much like the Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans, we have a dedicated marketing agency focusing exclusively on developing the LION CARAVANS brand name. We see huge potential in both the CUB & SABRE, so felt it was only right to give them their own exclusive platform!


What's in the pipeline for 2023?

There are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for 2023, but our focus will be on attending shows (check our events calendar) and getting the word out about LION CARAVANS as much as possible.

Our vehicles got a great reception on their debut at the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show at the Birmingham NEC in October 2022, and we'll be back at the February 2023 show with a significantly larger stand, and all of our vehicles on display, available for you to take a look.

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